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Founded in 1994, Prorates INC. is a niche market research firm specializing in banking products for clients who are typically either product managers or marketing executives seeking product information regarding their competitors.

Prorates was founded in 1994 by Marc Woolery, and is located in the marina district of San Francisco, CA (home of the 2010, 2012, 2014 World Series champion Giants). Utilizing previous ground breaking experience in information research and rate tracking, Marc was instrumental in founding a branch of his former company, called InfoBank services, which built relationships with large bank clients in California in order to develop the first rate survey product of its kind in 1983, after lending deregulation. Using what technology existed at that time a data base was built using rudimentary programming code and delivery techniques which tracked complex product details in a readable format which was designed with the help of many of the bank clients who were using the reports. With this type of synergy these reports have evolved into the standard used by nearly all loan and mortgage rate tracking services. Often copied, but never quite duplicated in look and feel.

Prorates has a dedicated staff of professionals, passionate about results who also have the benefit of working in a financial center like San Francisco. Our office has been in one location in the marina district for the entire 17 years of our existence. As we grew we also started several satellite offices in other states to maintain a connection at the local level for the benefit of our clients.

We maintain a SQL data base that is not only painstakingly managed by our windows programmers, but is also available via our website using the latest technology. Our goal is to build relationships with our clients in order to help understand the competitive market for all banking products. All of our work is done in house and is not subcontracted to outside service companies, as seems to be popular with most of the other survey companies that we have had relationships with.

Prorates serves clients throughout the US utilizing our data and surveys for all product types including Deposits, Fees, Loans, Mortgages, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Credit Cards and more. We take pride in understanding the product market and don’t consider ourselves a sales organization or a voluminous data-gathering data base manager. We do all of those things naturally, but we also understand the data that we gather due to our experience of over 25 years in loan products, and nearly as much with mortgages and deposits. Our data base has more fields than any other bank research company; feel free to check out our detailed reports. In addition, we also have the best looking and easiest to read executive summary report styles as well. We have developed a talent and have an eye for great looking while concurrently easy to read reports which present a clear advantage over other research companies. We have received accolades for our candor and our ability to understand product nuances which allows us to provide excellent customer service. We do not claim to be perfect as many companies seem to assert. There is entirely too much information out there which can cause misunderstandings and problems which require the type of explanation that we pride ourselves on.

Our data base includes rate and product details for all bank loan, Mortgage and Deposit products including; New car, Used car, Boat, Aircraft, Motorcycle, Mobile and Manufactured homes, RV/Motor homes, Home Equity Lines, Home Equity Loans, Unsecured Loans, Credit Cards and Unsecured Lines of Credit.

Mortgage products include: ARM, Fixed, FHA, and Commercial. Also available are Federal Numbers and Statistics, Fee Schedules for all products and services, SBA, Commercial Real Estate, Business Term Loans and working capital L.O.C. information. Deposit products include; Certificates, Money Market, Checking, Savings, IRA and specialty products, both consumer and business rates can be included.

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