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Are you making the most of your market research? Better question: Are you using external market research at all? At ProRates, we understand that you’re busy with a multitude of things: managing staff, creating campaigns, pricing printers, writing reports, meeting with other departments, and all of the other duties that come with being a manager at a financial institution of your size and stature. However while you’re taking care of these things inside your organization, the financial climate outside is changing at a record pace. Many clients tell us that even with a fast internet connection they nonetheless spend hours searching for data to complete an executive summary report, but now they receive the information at an appointed time on a daily basis thereby allowing them to focus on the work at hand. To stay ahead, you’ll need help. Think of ProRates as a member of your marketing team. You simply don’t have time to gather all of the market research relevant to your marketing efforts. Even if you did, just making sense of it would be another full time job.

ProRates is constantly growing in scope. We have recently added a new feature to our surveys. We will now summarize your surveys for you with a brief overview of any changes, new products and overall data trends in graph form. Depending on the amount of data you receive, you can pay a onetime set-up fee to have any of your surveys come with this executive summary. Simply email or call and ask us for more details. Remember we provide product research in markets anywhere, not everywhere. Our client’s needs come first. After over twenty-five years performing research for banks and credit unions, we have developed information gathering and data base standards that apply to all loan and deposit products.

While loan products are much more numerous they tend to be less active in terms of rate changes, but they do carry many more options, tiers and criteria. Fortunately our original niche was loan products wherein we learned many of the nuances of pricing, risk and other issues involving bank product marketing. Mortgage and deposit products while much more active tend to be much less complex in terms of tiers, data fields and criteria. Since deposit products are an expense to institutions they tend to be much more closely watched, and since they’re concurrently a source of capital remaining competitive is a high priority with inherent benefits. Deposit and mortgage products are more straightforward and understandable, therefore the rates are much more available and easier to follow, especially with our highly developed software which tracks and stores data in our data base. We put ourselves at the top of the list when it comes to understanding the bank products available in the market, we are not just volume rate gatherers and data base managers. We do not overextend ourselves to include products and industries other than banking. Put us to the test, call us and ask us what product topic is most important to you and let us provide you with a free report of your choosing. (888) 776-7285, or